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Operated eCommerce & Last=mile Delivery Portals 
Autonomous Vehicle Delivery in TaaS Space








  • Two US and one Canadian eCommerce portals beta-version online

  2021 2022 Development

 eCommerce  & autonomous vehicle last-mile delivery portals 

 Abu Dhabi *AUHtass.com


 Amsterdam *AMStaas.com  

 Barcelona *BCNtaas.com

 Boston * BOStaas.com

 Brussels *BRUtaas.com  

 Chicago **CHtaas.com

 Copenhagen *CPHtaas.com

 Dallas-Fort Worth *DFWtaas.com

 District of Columbia  **DCtaas.com  

 Doha *DOHtaas.com


 European Union  EUtaas.com  

 Geneva *GVAtaas.com  

 Hong Kong *HKGtaas.com  

 Houston *HOUtaas.com  

  Jeddah, MECCA *JEDtaas.com  

 Kuala Lampur *KULtaas.com

 Kuwait City *KWItaas.com  

 Lagos LOS airport *LAGtaas.com  

 Las Vegas *LAStaas.com  

 London, UK ***LDNtaas.com

 Los Angeles **LAtaas.com  

 Madrid *MADtaas.com

 Miami *MIAtaas.com

 Muscat *MCTtaas.com  

 NEOMtaas.com (Saudi Arabia 21st century city) 

 New York City ***NYCtaas.com (Beta online)

 Ottawa ***OTTtaas.com  


 Phoenix *PHXtaas.com

 Philadelphia *PHLtaas.com


 San Diego *SANtaas.com  

 San Francisco *SFOtaas.com  

 San Jose **SJtaas.com  

 Seattle *SEAtaas.com  

 Silicon Valley *SVtaas.com (Beta online) 

 Singapore *SINtaas.com

 Tel Aviv *TLVtaas.com  

 Toronto  ***TORtaas.com (Beta online)

 Vancouver BC ***VANtaas.com  

 Zurich *ZUHtaas.com 

  Reference: Geo-taas 
  *3-letter the city abbreviation matching the airport code 
  **2-letter city abbreviation 
  ***3-letter city abbreviation 


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